Adult classes

Here at Centerville Christian Church, we believe discipleship is an important part of walking with Jesus. 

Discipleship is the process through which we are shaped into the image of Christ.

We currently have 5 On-Campus discipleship options.

Sunday: 8:00 AM

Bill Hoelscher/Charlie Hobbs- "Ezekiel"- Room 105

Steve Williams- "Jude"- Room 101

Sunday: 9:00 AM

   Richard Nevels/Tom Kaeuper- "Psalms-Fan Favorites"- Room 101

   Nolan Markley/Eric Beens- "Starting Point & Next Steps"


Sunday: 10:30 AM

   *Randy Ballinger- Sermon Recap- Room 105

Senior adult ministries







Fellowship meets on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM in The Pit (in the basement of the church). About once a month the group takes a little trip. Join us!!      

Life group

We believe it is important as Christ followers to share life together. We have Lifegroups that meet for that very purpose. 


Deeper is a series of elective courses that run twice over the course of the year. The deeper electives occur on Wednesday evening's at 6 pm. We have a meal that starts at 5:20 before our meeting.