God's Big Backyard

Currently open at 11:00 AM Service.

9:30 Service provides care for children 3 and under and little ones with special needs.


We believe the church & the home should work together in order to make a greater impact for Christ. To do this, we partner with parents to teach these essential truths to our children:

God made me!

God loves me!

Jesus wants to be my friend forever!


God's Big Backyard

Age-appropriate classrooms

Friendly teachers



*All of our environments are fully staffed by trained adult volunteers. 



252 is currently replaced by family worship at 9:30. No Children's programming for 11:00 service.

Family Worship-

This is an interactive worship experienced geared to bring families together in worshiping our Lord. We sing songs, pray, participate in communion, incorporate activities and teach biblical truth.

Each family gets their own rug with chairs, along with a basket including all items needed for the service.